Kierkegaard e o pensamento filosófico: uma pequena citação

Por vezes é cansativo ver quão  repetidas vezes a relação de Kierkegaard com o pensamento filosófico é mal interpretada. Vai aí mais uma pequena citação sobre o assunto:

But I should add a word here, in case anyone misunderstands a number of my remarks, in order to make clear that he is the one who wants to misunderstand me, whereas I am not at fault. Honor be to speculative thought, praised be everyone who is truly occupied with it. To deny the value of speculative thought (even though one could wish to have the money-changers in the temple courtyard etc. chased away as desecraters) would, in my eyes, be to prostitute oneself and would be especially foolish for one whose life in large part at its humble best is devoted to its service, and especially foolish for one who admires the Greeks. After all, he must know that Aristotle, when discussing what happiness is, lodges the highest happiness in thinking, mindful of the eternal gods’ blissful pastime of thinking. Furthermore, he must have both a conception of and a respect for the dauntless enthusiasm of the scholar, his perseverance in the service of the idea. (CUP, pp. 55-56)

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