Apenas mais uma coisa…

“Only one more thing. Just as the physician says to the one who has broken his leg and is about to use it again: Be extremely careful; the minute you feel the slightest pain, take it easy, rest a half hour, but then begin again; or if the pain is more severe, then put on the brace again for a day, use a cane, but then begin again the next day–and above all, do not be disturbed, do not become impatient and stamp the floor for pain, because then you will break the leg again; it will be “for pain” inasmuch as it will bring you the greatest possible pain–so it is here, too. Be careful–if it is too painful, relax a little, but then begin again. Above all, no impatience, that could be even fatal at this point.”

Kierkegaard, Pap. X.4 A 593

*Devo ao amigo Thiago Faria esta entrada dos Papirer.

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