Dois fragmentos para um s?bado

Rembrandt, Jeremias lamentando - detalhe

“In the language of abstraction the difficulty of existence and of the exister never comes to light. …Thus abstract thougth helps me with my immortality by killing me off as a particular existing individual… helping me much as the doctor in Holberg who killed the patient with his medicine – but also got rid of the fever.”

“If a dancer could leap very high, we would admire him, but if he wanted to give the impression that he could fly – even thoug he could leap higher than any dancer had ever leapt before – let laughter overtake him. Leaping means to belong essentially to the earth and to respect the law of gravity so that the leap is merely the momentary, but flying means to be set free from telluric conditions, something that is reserved exclusively for winged creatures, perhaps also for inhabitants of the moon, perhaps – and perhaps that is also where the system will at long last find its true readers.”

Kierkegaard, S. Afsluttende uvidenskabelig Efterskrift til de philosophiske Smuler. Mimisk-pathetisk-dialektisk Sammenskrift, Existentielt Indl?g

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