Alguns fragmentos extemporâneos

Dois excertos retirados de duas cartas de F. Nietzshe, para escandalizar os nitzscheanos de boteco:

Sils-Maria, July 21, 1881: Postcard to Heinrich K?selitz (Peter Gast)

"It occurred to me, dear friend, that for you the constant inner struggle with Christianity in my book [The Dawn] must be strange, even distressing; but it is still the best piece of ideal life which I have become really familiar with; from the time I was a little boy I have pursued its paths into many different nooks and crannies. And I believe I have never been cruel in my heart toward it. I am after all the descendant of whole generations of Christian ministers-forgive me this limitation! -"

F. N. in Sils


Sils-Maria, July 23, 1881: Postcard to Franz Overbeck

"[…] As far as Christianity is concerned, I hope you will believe this much: in my heart I have never held it in contempt and, ever since childhood, have often struggled with myself on behalf of its ideals. In the end, to be sure, the result has always been the sheerest impossibility. – [….]"

F. N. in Sils

Não se esqueça de ler isto também.

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